Easy Postpartum Outfit Ideas That Are Cute And Comfy

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After giving birth there are a lot of things going on from your body healing to learning how to breastfeed.

The two most important key factors to picking out postpartum outfits is practicality & comfort.

It should be easy to breastfeed and also easy to tend to your postpartum healing whether it be from vaginal tearing or c-section or even just your postpartum period.

This post is going to show you postpartum outfit ideas.

#1 Must-Have Postpartum Outfit Item: High Waisted Underwear

These insanely comfortable high waisted underwear are the best for postpartum healing. They are soft, stretchy and give your tummy support.

I’ve never had a c-section but I’d imagine these are probably THE BEST for healing with a c-section incision.

They are also perfect for holding the pad for your postpartum period. I have used these after having all three of my babies.

I even take them to the hospital with me to put on immediately after giving birth, that’s how comfortable they are.

If you still haven’t packed your hospital bag yet then check out this post: Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom To Be. I’ll walk you through everything you’ll need in your hospital bag (from a 3rd time mom). Plus there’s a printable checklist.

#2 Must-Have Postpartum Outfit Item: Belly Wrap

This belly wrap is not only totally affordable but it will compress your belly and support your uterus shrinking back down.

With my second baby I packed my belly wrap in my hospital bag, put it on hours after labor and it completely changed how fast my tummy went down. 

I usually wear my belly wrap all day or all night. I do one or the other. I, personally wouldn’t wear a belly wrap for over 18 hours.

#3 Must-Have Postpartum Outfit Item: Compression Socks

I also recommend getting some compression socks to help with postpartum swelling and preventing blood clots.

Here are postpartum outfit ideas.

1. Amazon Lounging Outfit

I love this outfit ideas because it super comfy for lounging with your newborn

I love how the matching lounge set splits open for an easy breastfeeding accessibility.

2. Comfy and bright

I love how comfy and cute this outfit is. During postpartum remaining in your maternity leggings is totally normal.

Adding a bit of color changes this whole outfit.

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