How To Get Started With Essential Oils & Plant Based Products

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I am so excited that you are joining our wellness community! If you know me then you know how much I love creating a home with purpose and focusing on bringing things that are toxic free as much as possible. A huge part of motherhood is creating a purposeful and healthy home for our family. As Mom’s we are responsible for what comes into our home and what products surround our kids. If you’re ready to start now click here to grab your start kit!

Why Switch To Essential Oils?

Switching to essential oils was never something I imagined I would do in fact I always thought that was for hippy granola Mom’s. Once we bought our first home I started really evaluating what in our home serves us and what does not.

I realized there were so many harmful things I was giving, not only myself, but my family. I am an EX Bath and Body Works candle buyer, if only I had realized that those candles I had lit for HOURS at a time were incredibly toxic and harmful to the heath of my kids and pets. Read more about the harmful toxins of Bath and Body Works HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do we use oils for?

Oils can be used for so many things! In fact essential oils can be used for pretty much everything! Oils are a great natural alternative for immunity support, sleep, energy, relaxation, focus, cleaning your home, you name it and I’d say theres an oil for it! It can seem a bit overwhelming at first but you will learn as you go with essential oils. Our community offers tons of resources, books, courses and even a private facebook group to chat. 

How can we use oils in our day to day life?

There are many ways to use essential oils! I’d highly recommend my favorite way of using oils, by diffusing your them in a diffuser! It makes your house smell delicious and depending on what you’re diffusing you can boost your mood, help get your kids calm before bed time (even help with congestion and cough). You can use oils typically in a roller ball, or a spray bottle for cleaning, you can also ingest the vitality essential line *white label oils* for smoothies, supplements, cooking and more! 

What should you order?

A starter kit is best way to begin your oil journey. I started with the desert mist bundle and I highly recommend it! (It got me hooked). You get 12 oils, a diffuser and samples.

How To Ditch Toxic Products And Switch To Clean Ingredients

Little by little. When jumping into the world of essential oils it can feel overwhelming and you might not know where to start. But trust me you will learn as you go. I started not knowing anything and now I’m happy yo say we’ve ditched so many toxics products. It defiantly is a process, but I promise it’s something you’ll wish you started sooner.

When you buy a starter bundle I’ll send you a FREE diffuser! I’ll also help guide you through your journey with recipes, guides and monthly newsletters and access our private Facebook group.


  • Grab the Desert Bundle For $165 HERE 
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  • Grab the Thieves Bundle For $125 HERE 

Oil Bundles

If you’re not interested in getting a full starter kit and rather just trying some oils, then CLICK HERE are some of my favorites that I recommend starting with!

Thieves Cleaner

Thieves plant based non toxic cleaner concentrate is our favorite!! We use it to clean everything! You can read all about it in this blog post or shop it here.

If you spend 100pv (basically dollars) you get everything 24% off!

Subscribe To Save Rewards

Earning points back on all of your orders is the best part about subscribe to save!! We typically stock up on our laundry detergent, cleaner, toothpaste, oils and more!

Things We Keep On Subscribe To Save

Lavender Essential Oil We always need lavender in our house. We go through it pretty fast! We use it for sleep support (you can even add a drop to your eyelashes for lash growth).

Geranium Essential Oil– Is one of my favorites to keep on hand because it smells so good! I make my perfume out of it, us it in the Anthro diffuser blend and in my face glow serum (see recipe below)

Tea Tree Essential Oil– This is great for DIY bug sprays and mixed with a carrier oil like jojoba oil for ear aches.

Lime- Is one of my favorite scents to diffuse! It smells amazing!

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