How To Cozy Up Your Entryway For Spring On A Budget

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This is exactly how I transformed my small entryway way space. Here are some budget friendly ideas to cozy up you entryway!

We’ve been in our new house for 9 months and I finally started tackling decorating little spaces at a time. Before this house, I was never one to spend the time or money on decor mainly because it felt like a big commitment (or maybe I just had no idea where to start). 

Now that we have purchased our new home I have been absolutely jumping at the opportunity to decorate it. I really wanted to make this entry way warm and inviting. 

Our entryway space is a bit narrow and small, as you can see in the before photo. Which made things a little challenging.

Entryway Before:

Our before entryway before I had any clue on what to do with this tight and small space. I knew I needed a runner so I originally had this one that our pup, Rugi, is napping on.

Entryway After:

Ta-da! I thing I was able to take a dark a narrow space and brighten it up a with colors and of course lots of plants! 

The hardest part was finding this entryway table that was actually narrow enough to fit in the 9in space I had to work with behind my door and for only $80!

I really wanted to add warmth and color to this spot which is why I chose this gorgeous rose rug I found, which was also a for great deal and it really just livened up the whole area. I also love these $6 lamps!

I knew adding plants to this space would also help cozy up the vibe and I found this beautiful ZZ plant on Amazon! It arrived in perfect condition and it fit perfectly nestled into this corner with this planter.

When it comes to decorating my entryway table, I used a lot of what I already had (since I was trying to make this a budget friendly project). I actually used this decor box and flipped it over to add height and dimension to the table. 

The number one thing I knew I wanted here was a diffuser! Because it’s the first thing guest notice when they walk in, I’ve gotten so many compliments on how incredible it smells right when someone walks through the door. You can read more about my favorite non-toxic all natural oils here.

I also found this colorful spring inspired framed floral print on amazon which I love!!

I felt like adding pillows underneath this table was kind of my only option due to how narrow it is.  So I added this fun sherpa checkered pillow with this lovely leaf print pillow to add a pop of color. 

I had to use this narrow magazine basket because it’s the only one I found to fit on this table and I put this cozy throw blanket (barefoot dream dupe) to help give that comfy effect.

Now I definitely wouldn’t say this is the perfect entryway. I only bought what I felt like I needed to and used a lot of what I already had to decorate because I was trying to do this transformation on a budget.

I see myself adding/changing things in the future maybe when I have the money to do it but for now I am so happy with this space because it makes me happy!

Future plans:

  • Bigger mirror
  • replace box
  • bigger lamp
  • swap out decor

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