Pregnancy Checklist Third Trimester To-Do List

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T minus 90(ish) days until we meet baby?! But there’s so much to do! The third trimester is when we all start to feel excited, anxious and totally overwhelmed, all at the same time!

In this precious time of preparing to meet your new baby and also lingering in the last bit of time with just you and your family how it currently is, there is also so much to do to fully prepare for baby’s arrival. I try and alleviate any anxious thoughts by creating to-do lists!

If you haven’t yet packed your hospital bag, check out this post on everything you, dad and baby will need in the hospital.Grab your hospital bag checklist here.

For me, I think the the easiest way to keep from becoming overwhelmed is to create a checklist! There’s something so satisfying about checking each task off and seeing the “to-do’s” get shorter and shorter!

This is your pregnancy to-do checklist for the third trimester.


Track Weekly Symptoms

At this point in pregnancy we are experiencing so many symptoms! It’s fun to track these symptoms to look back on one day, document how you feel, what you’re craving and what you’re looking forward to!

It’s also so important to track your pregnancy symptoms to help you be aware and in-tune with your body, this could help indicate when labor seems like it’s coming! Yay!

Start Thinking About A Birth Plan

Talk to your doctor or midwife about things you want or are curious about. Will you be getting an epidural? how many people are allowed in the room? Who will you want there? Can you play music?

I know a lot of women like to write a birth plan to have to look back on. I personally have never written a plan but I still think it’s best to mentally prepare and organize all of your thoughts and plans for your labor.

Breastfeeding Course

Taking a breastfeeding course in the last trimester of my third pregnancy really helped me start my breastfeeding journey.

Thankfully there will be lactation nurses in the hospital to help you out as well!

But doing a little bit of research on how to get baby to latch properly, will make the world of a difference! Not to mention save you some serious “OUCH!” moments. 

I found a FREE online breastfeeding class here

You can also reference my breastfeeding must have’s to help prepare you for your journey!

Order Breast Pump

Now is the time to order your breast pump for the future. If you plan on breast feeding you 

Most people qualify for a FREE breast pump through insurance. See if you qualify for a free beast pump here!

Register At The Hospital

You’re quickly getting to the point in pregnancy you where you can go into labor at any moment, so exciting!

Registering in advance for your spot at the hospital is so worth it.

I made the mistake of not preregistering with my first pregnancy and let me tell you, sitting in the waiting room and signing papers while having contractions is not fun at all.

Most hospitals allow you to preregister online which is super convenient.

Find A Pediatrician

Look into pediatricians and find one that fits your family. Look for doctors who take your insurance and are in your area.

It’s really important to find someone you trust and feel comfortable with. You can even schedule an interview with a pediatrician to see if they are right for you.

Choose A Name

If you haven’t yet chosen a name for you baby this is the best time for you and your partner to sit down a narrow down the options you both like.

This is always the hardest part for me, personally. I usually have a few names picked and finally decide at the hospital.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

I always tell my expecting Mama friends to have their hospital bags pack by at least 36 weeks! Which means start getting everything prepped now!

Check out this post on everything you, baby and dad need for the hospital


Make Birth Arrangements

If you have kids or pets it’s time to start thinking about who you’re going to call when you go into labor.

When will you give them your house keys? Maybe write a list or schedule for them to follow.

This will help make a smooth transition for leaving to the hospital.

Stay Hydrated

Drink more water! The last thing we need in the third trimester is a false labor episode.

Dehydration can cause contractions and you could think that it’s the real deal, but getting sent home from the hospital after you think you’re having a baby is kind of a bummer.

Talk To Your Insurance

Talk to your insurance or the insurance department at your gynecologist office to see what they will cover for the birth.

You’ll also want to get all the answers on how to add your new family member to insurance ASAP. Especially because in the first month your baby will be in the doctors office almost, if not weekly.

Plan Some Freezer Meals

Plan some freezer meals for the family!

You could stock up on frozen store bought meals OR you could freeze some ready in advance meals for the family.

Really, you could freeze anything. Soups do great! Or you could build a casserole (don’t bake it) freeze it and bake it later.

After all we can’t live on pizza and take out forever, plus theres nothing like a good home cooked comfort meal when you’re exhausted.

Take A Hospital Tour

The reason I highly recommend taking a hospital tour is so you know exactly where to go in advance of going into labor.

Hospitals can be totally confusing when you’re not familiar with them. Knowing where to park, which door to walk into and how to get to labor and delivery center will make life so much easier for when you’re in labor.

Plan All Of Your Appointments

During the third trimester you start going to see your doctor much for frequently.

Planning all of your doctor appointments for the reminder of time can really help organize you.

You’ll also have a gestational diabetes test, blood work and a group b strep test during this time!

Have A Baby Shower!

It’s time to celebrate this sweet little being with friends and family!

Taking pictures with everyone and writing in a baby book is so much fun.

You’ll also receive a lot of baby gifts, don’t forget to send thank you cards. They sell cute pre-made ones on Etsy to make it all that much easier.

Finish Getting Baby Items

Now is the best time to assess whatever items are left sitting on your baby registry after you shower, narrow down what else you absolutely need.

If you set up a registry on Amazon or Target they offer Mamas-to-be a discount when buying items off of your own registry.

Take Maternity Photos

With this pregnancy’s journey end in sight, it’s so important to take as many pictures of your bump as possible. 

Your body has completely transformed for such a short period of time in your life.

Your body grew a human, it’s incredible. Documenting your body will be so amazing to look back on someday.

Get A 3D/4D Baby Scan!

This is not something you absolutely have to do but it is so much fun to see those 3D images of baby. 

I’ve done it for every single pregnancy and I’ve loved the experience. Plus we’ve always gotten a DVD of the entire ultrasound which will be fun to show the kids when they’re older.

It’s recommended to do the 3D/4D scan in the third trimester because baby’s face will be seen most clearly at this point.

Pick Your Newborn Coming Home Outfit

Picking a coming home outfit can be really special. Someday you’ll probably need to get rid of all of your newborn clothes as there won’t be any use for them anymore (sad I know) but at least you’ll be able to hold on to that one special outfit that you picked out to bring baby home in.

Etsy has the cutest sets of outfits from the hats to little mittens to go with it. They also offer a lot of customizable clothes. Checkout what Etsy has to offer here.

Wash All Baby Clothes And Blankets

Newborn skin is so sensitive, to avoid any breakouts or rashes wash all your baby’s clothes in a baby safe laundry detergent.

I love Dreft it’s a magical baby smell that you’ll never forget! It’ll always remind you of having a little tiny baby.

Buy A Gift From Baby For Your Other Kids

If your baby has siblings I love the idea of giving them a gift ‘from the baby’ for the first time they meet.

This can help make them feel special and understand that there’s another baby in the picture now. 

It’ll get them excited! What kids don’t get excited for gifts?

Amazon has a bunch of options for big sibling presents, check them out here.

Think Of Delivery Nurses 'Thank You' Gifts

When you’re in the hospital you’ll have a labor and delivery nurse(s). This women will go from a stranger to helping you through labor and be there when your baby is born, within hours this women has done something so special to help you. From keeping you calm, checking on you, to helping you push!

Which is why I love the idea of giving your nurses ‘thank you’ gifts.

Click here for more ideas on Nurse Thank You gifts.

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