7 Of The Most Toxic Things In Your Home + How To Make Easy Non-Toxic Swaps

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Here’s the 12 most toxic things in your home. Learn how to make easy non-toxic swaps.

When I first started thinking about all the toxic products in our home, I quickly felt overwhelmed. I had no idea where to start or how to do it. All I knew was that I wanted to go on a journey to surround my kids with as little toxins as possible.

I think it’s important to start this post by saying, making any kind of non-toxic swap is a win and it will all happen one step at a time or even one room at a time. But know that each step matters and takes you that much closer to a less toxic home.

This is a post of encouragement in hopes of inspiring someone to maybe ditch at least one of these products in their life. And as with anything in life, do your own research and be your own health advocate.

All I am doing is teaching you about potentially toxic chemicals in your home so you can make informed decisions about those products yourself.

Also know that I am not perfect at all of these things either! I am trying my best and researching as much as I can to make realistic swaps in our home and life. Any little thing you can do here and there matters! 

1. Non-Stick Pans

Non-stick pans are considered toxic when they get too hot. “As Teflon breaks down, it releases a host of toxic gases.” Releasing around releasing 15 toxic gases and chemicals, including two carcinogens. Not ALL non-stick pans are toxic!

But it is important to be aware of what you are using and do research into if they are toxic to you.

Cast Iron pans are typically a great alternative! But they can raise the iron levels in your body which is why I don’t think it’s a good idea to exclusively use cast iron. This company is great way to get started with non-toxic pans! Check them out here.

2. Plastic Wrap, Plastic Food Storage Containers and Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic food containers are made up of chemicals such as phthalates. These chemicals can interfere with the body’s endocrine system. Which can affect your developmental, reproductive and neurological system. Plastics break down over time which can it can cause the release of these dangerous chemicals into your food.

An easy way to swap is by using glass containers, like these. Reusable zip bags like these. And of course kid friendly snack containers like these.

3. Air Fresheners & Perfumes

I love to keep our home smelling fresh. Air freshers are an easy way to achieve that. But most of the ingredients used in air fresheners are highly toxic. Dangerous amounts of aldehydes and potent neurotoxins that attack our central and nervous systems

“Ethyl/isopropyl alcohol can be extremely dangerous if absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or ingested” – and that just ONE of the many ingredients that are in air fresheners.

We started making our own air fresheners/perfumes! Which are actually very simple to make.

Check out the video

DIY Room Spray or Perfume Recipe

  • Grab a 2oz glass spray bottle
  • 3-5 of your favorite non toxic essential oils
  • add 10-20 drops of each
  • add about 1oz of witch hazel
  • fill the rest with water

(Shake before every use)

4. Candles

I used to be a huge bath and body works fan! I’m talkin’ I had all the seasonal candles. Once I learned about what was in them I have opted to never buy one of those candles again! It filled with awful gunk and you and your family are breathing that straight into your bodies.

Most candles are made up of Fragrance, Phthalates, Carcinogens, Paraffin Wax. These toxins have numerous dangerous side effects if they are inhaled. Phthalates can cause damage to the female reproductive system and birth defects. Toxins released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes, affecting your nervous system and increasing estrogen.

So look for natural soy wax candles infused with organic essential oils instead. I am a huge fan of diffusing essential oils!! (You have not make sure they are high quality oils or you’ll just be dealing with the same problem.) Read all about how much I love my diffuser here.

I love this video!! It truly sums it all up for you.

5. Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners are full of dangerous chemicals that you are coating your clothes in and then putting them on your skin and breathing them in! These toxins can affect your reproductive system, nervous system, causing skin irritants, respiratory problems and more.

We switched to wool balls a few months ago and I LOVE them. They dry our clothes 10-15x faster. I love putting a few drops of essential oil on each one before tossing them in with our clothes and my clothes always come out smelling amazing.

6. Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are one of the number one reasons I started looking into natural alternatives for my family. I would make the kids go to another room so that I could clean something because the smell would be so strong I’d end up with headaches and need to open the windows! I knew there had to be a better way. 

So I started using vinegar and baking soda for things around my house. Then I found Thieves concentrate cleaner. Which ultimately REPLACED every single cleaner I had under my skin. It’s non-toxic, anti- bacterial and made out of plants! It’s absolutely the best cleaner I’ve ever used.

I will take my 16oz spray bottles put 1 cap full of thieves concentrate and fill the rest with water! I do this to multiple bottles so that I can keep them handy all over the house.

Plus how fun is it to decorate your cleaning bottles with your own labels? I love it.

7. Bug Sprays

Bug sprays should be an absolute no-no for your family. Researchers have linked the insecticides to neurological damage in children. That’s terrifying! 

Instead you can make your own DIY version of bug spray! That way you can have piece of mind spraying it on your kids or even your animals if you choose.

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