I’m Pregnant! – First Trimester Symptoms Before BFP (I Had No Idea)

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I'm Pregnant!!

I cannot believe I am pregnant! This is the biggest blessing ever. Everything from the beginning of this pregnancy has been completely different form my previous two pregnancies. Goes to show that every pregnancy is totally different. 

How I Found Out

Finding out I was pregnant was such a surprise and a completely different experience then I could have ever expected. It all started with a  dream. Like a real dream. One night I had a dream that I took one of my cheapy pregnancy test  (I use these) that I keep on hand to take mainly to keep any doubts out of mind. 

In the dream I vividly saw two lines || on the pregnancy test. I remember waking up and thinking ‘ok that was weird’, I wasn’t having any early pregnancy symptoms (that I realized) at the time. 

I tried to forget about it because dreams can be kind of funny sometimes and not making any sense so I chalked it up to that. After two days of thinking of that dream I decided to just take a test. I didn’t think much of it honestly I just had to do it to put my thoughts to rest. 

A few seconds after taking the test I glanced at the test on the counter and thought I saw something, I squinted my eyes at the pregnancy test that was not finished estimating yet and I saw the faintest || two lines I’ve ever seen on a pregnancy test.

Immediately I felt a rush trough my body, I may have started shaking. My eyes started to burn with tears as my mind raced with what seemed like 100 thoughts a minute. 

“Is this real?” “My 1 year old is a big brother” “Am I pregnant?” “Wait I had a glass of wine a few nights ago” “How far am I?!” “How am I going to tell people?” “Everyone is going to think we’re crazy” “Do I have the patience for three kids?”

And of course “How will I tell my husband?” whose upstairs not expecting this at all because I haven’t mentioned anything about being pregnant except a random dream a few nights ago. I tried to collect myself. Taking deep breaths in order to even open my mouth and explain to him how our lives are about to change forever. 

I came out of the restroom and waited for him to come downstairs. Thinking about how I’m going to tell him. He came downstairs and the second I saw him I broke down with emotion (way to stay strong Fina). He hugged me so tight which was so comforting it made me cry harder. Further delaying my explanation for my emotions.

“Whats wrong babe?” he must-of repeated himself three times before I came up from his hug to look at him.

I took him to the positive pregnancy test. 

He looked at it. 

“Well ok! We’re having a baby!” he said.

I started laughing trough my crying. “There’s a baby in my tummy” I cried/laughed back to him.

We are so excited and ready to take on the chaos that comes with three kids.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to my nine week ultrasound, I was so eager to finally see my sweet little babe. I feel like the first ultrasound always makes the pregnancy seem real, for real. Once you see the little baby moving and hear a heat beat it finally soaks in that theres a baby growing on your body. 

I love getting an ultra sound around 9-10 weeks because at this point the baby looks like an actually baby. Little arm nubs and legs dancing around! It’s so exciting! 

I was so prepared to see my little nine  week babe! Once the ultrasound started, they finally found the baby and I immediately knew what I saw (my ultrasound photo) was not a nine week old baby but a much much smaller little babe. I saw a baby resembling  a tadpole lol along with the yolk sack that helps the baby grow then disappears around 9-10 weeks. I was totally surprised to learn that I was around 3 weeks behind what I originally thought I was! Crazy! 

How I Am Feeling

Tired. Very very tired. I’d say that has been the main symptom of my first trimester. And thirsty! It’s like I can’t get enough sleep or water. I’m trying to focus on drinking tons f water in the first half of the day that way I can slow down, not drink as much, therefore hopefully I won’t need to get up and pee twice a night.

In the very very beginning of my pregnancy up until around 7 weeks I was getting nausea usually in the mornings on an empty stomach. Sometimes in the evenings I would also feel queasy. Thankfully that symptom has totally stopped for the most part (unless I eat too much). 

A symptom that has also come and gone with the wind is break-outs. In the very beginning of this pregnancy my skin was so strange and nothing like it normally is. I had to change up my skincare routine to fit my pregnancy skin. Thankfully, that has settled down and I am no longer having strange break-outs.

Another lovely symptom first trimester pregnancy has graced me with is bloating. I bloat massively in the evenings. Sometimes so much my tummy feels tender to the touch. Also, nothing fits me already. I’ve been wearing joggers and maternity leggings because it’s all that fits.

Cravings have been all over the place since the beginning. My most consistent craving so far is citrus. I always want oranges, limes and pineapples. Other major cravings are salty potatoes in any forum, chips, mashed potatoes, french fries (Fredy’s has the best skinny salty french fries ever). I’ve also been loving chocolate, I can’t get enough.

Headaches almost daily sometimes for a short period of time sometimes all day long.

This time around, I’ve noticed I’ve had so much pregnancy brain I truly don’t remember having this in my previous pregnancies or having it as often. I have been so forgetful and just totally doing weird things, for example I put my oldest son to bed then 30 minutes later I was like “omg I need to put him to bed”…yeah that was a strange feeling lol.

Moody. I feel so bad for everyone around me lately because I’m either crying or snappy. I cry at least once a day (sometimes up to four times a day) which is so weird for me I am very empathetic not pregnant but this is on a whole new level.

What I'm Looking Forward To

Finding out the gender.

Feeling my first baby kick, in my previous pregnancy I felt the first kick the day I turned fourteen weeks. So hopefully soon!

The anatomy scan because I can’t wait to see the baby again!

The second trimester and feeling less tired.

Reaching my goal of drinking a gallon of water a day or at least close to it.

Overall this sums up my first trimester so far. I’m just so excited and I appreciate all of the well wishes to my growing family, it truly means the world to me.

I love pregnancy and I love hearing about other women’s experiences through their pregnancy journeys. Which is why I am writing this to begin with. To share my own unique experience.

Please share with me how you found out you were pregnant!

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